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This might just be my favorite newborn session to date.  This baby girl rocked her session in my Chester Springs studio.  She had a little awake period in the middle but then eventually went back to sleep and we were able to get a ton of other shots.  I love when moms let me have control with styling their sessions.  It’s so much fun for me to pull things out and create setups that I know will photograph well.  I love to mix in a combination of neutrals and colors.  I also love to add variety by adding in different textures.  It creates so much visual interest in the photos.  This family was so sweet to work with.  I love watching first time parents come into the studio.  Everything is so new and exciting to them.  Not that second (or third or fourth) time parents don’t also get excited….there is just a different level of excitement when you are a first time parent.  Despite all of the newness, these two were still relatively calm and laid back about everything.  It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon with this new family of three.  There are so many photos from this adorable baby girl’s session that it was so hard for me to narrow down my favorites.  Here are just a few of the images that I loved from their session:

Chester County Newborn Photographer_0001Chester County Newborn Photographer_0002Chester County Newborn Photographer_0003Chester County Newborn Photographer_0004Chester County Newborn Photographer_0005Chester County Newborn Photographer_0009Chester County Newborn Photographer_0010Chester County Newborn Photographer_0011Chester County Newborn Photographer_0008Chester County Newborn Photographer_0007Chester County Newborn Photographer_0006Chester County Newborn Photographer_0013Chester County Newborn Photographer_0012Chester County Newborn Photographer_0014Chester County Newborn Photographer_0015

May 28, 2017

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