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Chester County Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby girl decided to surprise her parents and show up a few weeks early.  She was perfectly healthy when she made her appearance and she was incredibly gorgeous.  She had the most amazing skin which made my job super easy during editing.  Her parents were so incredibly excited to have her in their lives.  It was sweet to watch them throughout the session.  There is something special about seeing the immediate bond and love that first time parents have with their new babies.  It always brings me back to when I experienced that with my daughter.  I miss those days and I am so thankful that this job allows me to snuggle with so many sweet new babies to get my fresh baby fix!


Baby B was so sweet and good to me during our session.  It might just be one of my favorite newborn sessions yet!  Here are my favorite images from her session.  Each of my newborn sessions include both the color and black and white versions of their images.  Since she was so good to me during our session, her family received a gallery of 83 color images and 83 black and white images!  One of my largest posed newborn sessions ever!!

Chester County Newborn Photographer_0001Chester County Newborn Photographer_0002Chester County Newborn Photographer_0003Chester County Newborn Photographer_0004Chester County Newborn Photographer_0005Chester County Newborn Photographer_0006Chester County Newborn Photographer_0007Chester County Newborn Photographer_0008Chester County Newborn Photographer_0009Chester County Newborn Photographer_0010Chester County Newborn Photographer_0011Chester County Newborn Photographer_0012Chester County Newborn Photographer_0013Chester County Newborn Photographer_0014Chester County Newborn Photographer_0015


June 28, 2016

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