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Christmas.  It is BY FAR my most favorite time of year.  I have been wanting to do a Christmas lifestyle session for forever now and this sweet family was kind enough to invite me into their home.  I wanted to document this family just being in their home, enjoying time together.  I wanted to capture what life is like for them during the holidays with all of their decorations up.  Your home truly does look it’s best during the Christmas time.  The way the extra decorations add color and warmth and the way the lights add that extra sparkle….you just can’t beat it.  I love the homemade decorations and the cards from family and friends.  You can just feel the love when you walk into a home at Christmas time.

It was so much fun to watch these two adorable kids run around their house in their pjs.  They bounced on the trampoline in big sis’ bedroom……yes, she has a trampoline in her bedroom……to running through the hallways and laying on the bed with mom and dad.  I was able to experience what those true moments are like when no one else is watching.

Next Christmas, I really want to start offering these sessions to my clients.  You can choose to spend the day lounging around in your house.  Or maybe I can come with you when you go to pick out your Christmas tree.  Maybe I can be there when you are putting up decorations in your house.  Maybe you could bake some Christmas cookies.  Maybe there are some special family traditions that you always do each year.  There are so many fun ways that we can make this session capture your real lives around the holiday.  Check out the images below and be sure to remember this idea next fall so we can schedule a session to document your own family traditions.


January 10, 2017

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