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As part of my resolution to make sure I take more photos of my own children, I lugged my big girl camera out with me for some fun in the snow.  It worked out perfectly because this month’s theme for my blog circle is pink and my daughter just so happens to love picture.  Not surprisingly, she has an all-pink snowsuit complete with pink gloves and boots.  Of course, she had to have an Elsa hat that is shockingly not pink!!  We finally had a decent snowstorm for the kids to have a day off from school.  We got all bundled up and headed outside for a morning of fun.  Our favorite snow activities include eating snowy snacks and making snow angels.  I think Cara had a little too many snowy snacks because by the time we went inside, her cheeks were almost frostbitten!  I guess we were having too much fun and we weren’t paying attention to how long we had been outside.  To see our snowy pink adventure outside, scroll down for my favorites.

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February 25, 2015

  1. Alicia Quintanar says:

    I adore this series! You captured the joyfulness of childhood perfectly! I love the snow-eating shots lol. Nice work!

  2. These are amazing, Marisa! Your daughter is so cute in her pink snow suit and Elsa hat (I’m such a big Disney dork). Such fun pictures!… I miss playing in the snow. 🙂

  3. kristy says:

    FUN! That last pictures perfect sums it up! <3

  4. Candace says:

    These are great to look at! I am so no envious of the snow. That last picture does say it all! I am so glad someone enjoys that cold wet stuff! 😉

  5. Kristi James says:

    I love the pink on the white!! Those 3 colors go very well together and I love that she was having so much fun!!

  6. oh my goodness I am in love with these images! the colors pop against that bright white and your little girl is way too adorable! gorgeous

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